A new cast for Sex and the City 3

Is this the new cast for Sex and the City 3? Jack and Diane think so.

I’m sitting at the Banyan Bar, sipping on a beer, when Jack pulls up a stool next to me. “So, Mr. Big, is it?” he says, chuckling.

“Excuse me?”

He leans over conspiratorially and puts a hand on my shoulder. “Christopher told us,” he whispers. “About the movie.”

“The movie?”

“S and C Three. Don’t worry, we won’t say anything. But this is the perfect spot for it, don’t you think?”


At dinner, Christopher explained. Jack and Diane had been pestering him for days to find out who we were—the guy with the four chicks. Tired of their questions, Christopher told them we were here scouting the Royal Davui for a third iteration of the Sex and the City movies. It seems there’s talk that not all of the original cast members will be in S&C3. In fact, they might go with a whole new cast. At least that’s what Christopher told them.

“Which one would be Samantha?” Jack asked Christopher. “She’s the saucy one, isn’t she?”

Christopher slowly looked over to the table beneath the banyan tree where we were having lunch. “The blonde on the left.”

Jack nodded appreciatively. “I can see that,” he said. Katie became Charlotte, Elina was Miranda, and Marguarite was the new Carrie Bradshaw.

“But don’t tell anyone,” Christopher whispered. “It’s still a secret.”

Truth be known, I rather like being Mr. Big.

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