Bloodies for all

Sharla brings back my first--but not my last--mimosa of the day. Photo by David Lansing.

Sharla, my personal onboard attendant, introduces herself to me and asks me if there’s anything she can do for me.

“Where do we begin?” I say. She laughs. “Actually, there are two things you can do,” I tell her. “Laugh at all of my jokes and keep my glass full.”

“Easy enough,” she says. “I’ll even tell you how handsome you are, if it helps.”

“That would be lovely.”

Sharla goes off to fetch me a fresh mimosa. Right behind her is Antoine, another of my personal attendants, pushing a cart laden with still-hot blueberry scones as well as fresh coffee.

Actually, neither Sharla nor Antoine are here solely for my pleasure. Some 66 passengers are accomodated on the upper level of our double-decker car with its Plexiglas-topped canopy and Sharla and Antoine, along with Alicia, are here to keep us as happy as hibernating bears. But they’re so attuned to what’s going on around them that I can hardly finish one mimosa before another is in my hand.

Antoine, who has a dry, witty sense of humor, has informed us that the dining car below us seats about 36 passengers at a time so our car is broken up into two dining groups and the group in the front of the coach has already been invited downstairs for breakfast. Not to worry, Antoine tells us. While they’re dining, we’ll be treated to fresh scones, coffee, juice, and, of course, champagne. Or a cocktail if we feel like it. Surprising me a bit, one or two writers in our group ask for Bloody Marys. Antoine brings them back and they look so inviting that it’s decided to get a round of Bloodies for everyone. And why not? Who wants to drink alone on such a lovely morning?

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  1. Allan’s avatar

    Why can’t all travel be like this? Whatever happened to elegance and service. I know they have it, but at the end we face the harshness that is modern travel.

    Well, thank gawd there are pockets of civility left.

  2. david’s avatar

    Yes, traveling on the Rocky Mountaineer is the way air travel used to be back in the 70s and even 80s. I remember once flying to London and, because the flight had been delayed, the flight attendant wheeled the drink cart into the middle of the aisle and told everyone to just help themselves. Imagine.

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