Favorite Things: My Readers

Greetings, Friends!

(with apologies to Roger Angell and The New Yorker)

Good friends and neighbors, Yuletide Greetings

Pour some punch to fortify my musings

Of time well spent fishing for tarpon

With Pete McBride who rises at dawn,

Along with Greg Geiser, El Pez Rey,

To search for bonefish in schools of stingrays.

Let season’s joy warm the cockles

Of David and Creina Nicholls

As well as Elizabeth and Ian Terry,

Chug glog today to keep yourselves merry.

To the McLain clan, keep warm in Denmark,

Play with the dog, on adventures embark,

That goes for Carina, Cameron, and Chloe,

Chelsea, Christabel and—let’s see…

Oh, yes! Let’s not forget Ciaran,

Our godson as well as a dear friend.

Saludos to the Fletcher familia!

Niños Nick, Karl, and Anna,

Who dive into Tahiti water

With father, Chris, and Malin, their mother.

Big hugs to Barb, and Lee, and Sadie,

Who should meet Sally Fletcher—quite the lady!

Jim and Holly, from Lake Oswego,

Let’s toast the Ducks and Coach Kelly—Way to go!

To Jeff Wilson and Don Ebright, Trojan and Bruin fans,

Let’s hope next year doesn’t bring NCAA bans.

Wassail to those in far flung places,

Like tequila lover Greg Ginnell and his wife, Mechas.

To flâneur fans Robert and Killy Stanton,

Toasting in Chilean vineyards blessed with sun,

And Fred Harwood, my most erudite reader,

As well as Sonia from Austin—I’d like to meet her.

Raise high your terremoto,

Liz Caskey and Kristina Schreck in Santiago.

Champagne all day, says this bard,

For Marguerite Clark and Christine Richard,

One in pr, the other an editor,

As well as a deadly oyster predator.

Facebook pals Dale Conour and Amy Zavatto,

Good cheer to you and foodie Jerry Di Vecchio.

Megan Padilla, congrats on the new baby!

She’ll grow up as beautiful as her mom, maybe.

Cecilia Argiolas and Paola Loi, some mirto in Sardinia,

With roasted lamb—I hope real soon to be seein’ ya.

Buon Natale to Maura Baldoni,

Rock star editor Keith Bellows and P.A., Gio Palatucci!

To the old Sunset gang, Carl Mehlhope and Matt Jaffe,

Amy Wolf, Ben Marks, and my first boss, Anne Colby,

May the New Year bring you good tidings and cash,

Now that we’ve all survived the market’s big crash.

But the time is getting short and they’re calling my flight,

So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!



  1. Fred Harwood’s avatar

    And Holiday Greetings to you, David.

  2. Sonia’s avatar

    Aww….Happy Holidays David. Here is to you having a Grand New Year and taking me on new journeys if only in beautiful descriptions, writings, and Hemingway styles I only dream about. Thank you. Sorry been MIA, have felt like dirt. Har Har.


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