From Alisal to Mexico–avoiding Sandy

I was supposed to be on the east coast yesterday but instead, I diverted to Puerto Vallarta. Where it is sunny and warm and beautiful and I feel more than a little bit guilty because of Sandy. You know how some momentous figure comes along once in a lifetime and everyone names their newborn after that person? Will anyone, for years hence, dare to name their child Sandy? I can’t imagine.

So I arrived in Puerto Vallarta about 5pm yesterday and Juan picked me up and drove me to Bucerias, about 30 minutes north, and after I opened all the doors and windows and turned on the air-conditioning, I was sitting in the pool, not an hour later, with a margarita. Watching the sunset. And, yes, I feel guilty about it. But what would you do? Fly to Jersey?

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    You are a wise, wise man.

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