Hills like white elephants

A view of the San Jacinto mountains from the road to the Palm Springs tram. Photo by David Lansing.

A view of the San Jacinto mountains from the road to the Palm Springs tram. Photo by David Lansing.

You know how everyone in Vancouver has been wondering “Where’s the snow? Where’s the snow?” Well, guess what? I found it! In the most unlikely of places—Palm Springs. It’s been hiding in the chocolate-colored mountains that ring the town. Which makes perfect sense when you realize that just about everybody out here in the desert seems to be a snowbird from Calgary or Winnipeg or—dare I say it?—Vancouver.

So, of course, they brought the snow with them.

You know what the low was on Saturday, when I arrived, in the hills and mountains above Palm Springs? About (or a-boot if you’re from Canada) 32°. That’s zero degrees Celsius if you’re from the Great White North. Which means freezing.

You know what the low was in Vancouver on Saturday? 43°. Which means if you’re from British Columbia that it’s time to start planting your tomatoes and green beans. And say good-bye to the Winter Olympics.

As for Palm Springs—come on, people! Turn up the heat!

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  1. Fred Harwood’s avatar

    Palm Springs Regional lies at about 450 feet, and the SJ pines are up around 10,000 feet. That’s quite a ride and view.

    Our son, a DOD aeronautical engineer at Edwards AFB, lives with his family in Lancaster, about 150 miles NW of PS. We visit the grandboys about once a year.

    PalmS should provide you with all the desert you might like, especially if you like Joshua Trees, the St. Andreas fault geology, and desert spring flowers, which my wife and I love. I’m told that the recent rains promise many.

  2. Sonia Rodriguez’s avatar

    Um David I thought u were headed to some warmth? That picture is absolutely beautiful. Amazing how its dry and then u look up to see wet, freezing snow.

    Have great week David…Smiles

  3. david’s avatar

    Yes, the wildflowers are already out. The next couple of months should be spectacular (and even better in Anza-Borrego to the south). And it warmed up today. Maybe 75. Which feels awfully damn nice.

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