Landing at Jurassic Falls

Kauai's Jurassic Falls. The only way to see it from the ground is to take a helicopter ride. Photo by David Lansing.

After flying over Poipu and Hanapepe, Isaac banked the helicopter sharply to the right and we started to fly up the Hanapepe Valley following the course of the river below us. I’ve got to admit that the flight is both exciting as hell and a bit freaky, mostly because you are just so low in the valley and zipping by the sides of the mountains on either side of you.

About halfway back to the falls, Isaac puts on the Jurassic Park theme music which is a little hokey but actually does add a little ambience to the final fly-in. And then there it is right in front of you: Jurassic Falls.

Isaac landed the bird on a very small grassy landing and we got out and walked just a short distance to the falls. Which were amazing. I asked Isaac if it was okay to get in the water in front of the falls and he said, Well, you can…but I don’t recommend it. The force behind that water is so incredible and you can only imagine what would happen if you got nailed by a rock or a coconut coming off the falls.

So we all had our picture taken in front of the falls (of course) and then hopped back in the bird to fly over the rest of the island.

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