Palm Springs: David Hockney’s swimming pools

David Hockney's "Sun on the Pool Los Angeles," a composite of Polaroids from April 13, 1982.

From our Palm Springs correspondent:

It was the perfect Easter Sunday in Palm Springs: blue sky, mid-80s, and not a trace of wind. A day for either sitting by the pool or, perhaps, looking at pools in the form of a visit to the Palm Springs Art Museum to walk through their special exhibition  “Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography, 1945-1982,” part of the Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time exhibition currently running in more than 60 museums in Southern California.

There was so much eye candy here but our favorites were the series of David Hockney Polaroid composites, such as the one above, comprised of dozens of individually shot Polaroids of a backyard swimming pool. So very clever and so very entertaining.

Backyard Oasis continues through May 27.

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