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The tarot card reading in Sedona

Tarot card reader in Sedona

This is Eagle Feather. Who says my eyes scare him. Photo by David Lansing.

I found my Spanish tarot card reader. He was working the Spiritual/Psychic Fair at the Earth Mother Father Healing Plaza in Sedona. I walked into the courtyard in the back shaded by an old sycamore tree with a sign on it that said it was “Sonny the Vortex Tree. Hug me! & Hug My Vortex.”

Beneath Sonny the Vortex Tree was a skinny old hippy with scraggly long salt-and-pepper hair who, I’ll admit, made me think of Charles Manson. He had a long braid on the side of his head that was wrapped in colored yarn. He told me the braid was his “transmitter so the angels can talk to me when they need to.”

He said his name was Eagle Feather. He had a little card table set up beneath Sonny the Vortex Tree covered with a purple felt cloth and a handmade sign on the table that said “Tarot Card Readings from the Angels–$10.”

That sounded interesting. I asked him if the angels could do Spanish tarot cards and showed him my pack. He said Spanish tarot cards were no problem.

Eagle Feather didn’t waste any time. He flipped over the cards like a man on speed and told me that I am boyish in nature; that I need to stop expending all my energy trying to save other people; that I have no business sense; that a conflict that has been destroying my relationship with people I love is now resolved in my heart though I still have work to do; that an obsessive person who has been trying to control me is finally leaving my life; that I am no angel but still full of compassion and good intentions but, because of my boyish nature, I often get into trouble; that I live in a neighborhood that makes me uncomfortable because it forces me to try and act a certain way and I should move; that I am in perfect alignment with my male/female sides; and that it is time for me to focus on what my heart believes in and not let anyone talk me out of it.

Then Eagle Fire took a deep breath and staring hard at me with sparkly eyes said, “You have so much fire in your eyes that you scare me a bit.”

I thanked him, paid him double what we’d agreed on, and went back to my room at the Enchantment Resort were I proceeded to drink the better part of a bottle of tequila I’d brought with me.

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