The best damn margarita ever

One of the most savy food and drink writers I know writes a blog called the Foodinista (she’s also an editor at a major food publication but, to avoid conflict, prefers to go unnamed in her blog). Knowing my love for Mexico, she recently asked me to write a guest blog for the Foodinista on how to make the perfect margarita. This is part of what I wrote:

I have come to the conclusion that Mexicans no longer know how to make a proper margarita. At Ten Ten Pie in San Miguel de Allende I had to pry the bottle of Jose Cuervo gold out of Chema’s hand before he dumped the inglorious liquid into my glass. At El Sacromonte in Guadalajara I reveled in their chile en nogada while ignoring a large but insipid especial margarita that smelled of petroleum. And at Adriatico in Bucerias I got into an argument with my waiter for insisting that the bartender actually squeeze fresh limes for my drink instead of using some syrupy mix straight from Gigante. It’s triste, no?

A good margarita is one of those things that seems easy enough to make—like an omelette—yet so few people do it well. So let me tell you the key to making the perfect margarita: balance.

To read the rest (and get the recipe), go to:

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  1. thefoodinista’s avatar

    Tell me where I’m going to find tamarindo jarabe de pulpa, Controy and Jarabe!!! And what do you think of a Margarita Smackdown? Do you have a better name for the event?

  2. Sonia’s avatar

    Heading over to the Blog as I type…Very interesting.


  3. david’s avatar

    You might find the tamarindo pulpa at a Mexican market (I brought mine back from Puerto Vallarta). The Controy you’ll only get in Mexico. And even at the duty-free in airports it’s kind of hard to find. There’s one little booth in Puerto Vallarta, just before the gates, where I always grab a bottle.

    And I’ll bet we can come up with something better than a margarita smackdown. Maybe a Margarita Pour-off?

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