The problem with returning to civilization

A friend wrote me and said, “You must be totally drained after Africa and ready for some urban adventures.”

Yes and no. I am drained. I feel a bit like the way one does at the end of a love affair—saddened, sick at heart, exhausted. But I’m not sure I’m ready for more adventures, urban or otherwise. Actually, I rather feel like holing up somewhere—anywhere—and doing nothing more mentally challenging than trying to decide whether to take a shower or not. Even writing this very short blog entry this morning feels challenging.

So I think that for the rest of December, I’ll just write some bits and pieces. Things that don’t necessarily go together. Observations. Or the odd thought. And then I’m going to Mexico and we’ll see what happens there. Because it seems something always happens when I’m in Mexico.

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  1. Jeff Wilson’s avatar

    it was a good run, dave, really enjoyed the writing, the images, the video… but mostly learning that hardy has a bladder problem or a prostate problem or both. no doubt he’s taking medication for that by now, or should be. flomax or something like that. he could probably use a bit of cialis or viagra to go along with it as those 2 issues tend to coincide, or so i’m told.

    i look forward to your next adventure, and i’m not talking about mexico… unless it involves a dangerous encounter with the cartel, which you live to tell, obviously. have a gin and tonic and mull it over.

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