The zen of horses

I’m trying to figure out what it is about horses but I’m not there yet.

About a month ago I wrote about a Jeep tour I took in Sedona. It was a vortex tour, a vortex being a “giant magnet of energy that is either positive or negatively charged. Positive charged vortexes have feminine attributes: nurturing, calming and tranquil or yin. Negative vortexes are masculine, active, energizing or yang.”

That’s from the website of the Sedona Vortex Tours company.

Anyway, my vortex guide, who wore a black hat with a rattlesnake skin around the crown, was a guy from Minnesota who used to own a Dairy Queen. There were a lot of people in Sedona like that.

Anyway, let’s get back to the Arizona Cowboy College. I’ve been thinking all week that Rocco is an odd name for a cowboy, even if that cowboy is the most macho vaquero since Clint Eastwood saddled up a pony in The Unforgiven. So I asked Rocco about it.

As it turns out, Rocco used to be a grocer in New York. I guess he had a bit of a mid-life crisis and decided to move to Scottsdale in the early 80s. “I loved the desert and I have a passion for horses,” he said. “I decided what I wanted to do was to get people who did not know much about horses to appreciate them. If I can get one more kid, one more adult, five more people to just get it about horses, I’m a happy man.”

Well, I don’t know if I get it about horses yet. But I’m getting closer.

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