Win a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer or some Woolrich swag!

I wanted to remind everyone that Woolrich and Travel Alberta have teamed up with the folks of the Rocky Mountaineer to give away the exact same Canadian railroad adventure from Vancouver to Banff that I’m currently writing about. I’ve never been able to do anything like this before—write about a trip and then offer it as a prize to my readers. But here you go. If you’re reading about my railway adventure through the Canadian Rockies and thinking, God, I sure would like to go on a trip like that, well, here’s your chance.

Just click on the link to the Woolrich Adventures Sweepstakes home page and sign up.

Also we’ve been doing a weekly giveaway for either a men’s wool railroad vest or the Woolrich women’s flannel buffalo check shirt. Both very cool.

This week’s winners are Charles Kulander, who lives in Moab, and Barbara Roberts who lives…well, I don’t know where she lives since she didn’t tell me. But I’ll let Woolrich figure out how to get her stuff to her.

We’ll be doing the give-away again next week. So send an e-mail to and in the header put “Woolrich.” You don’t have to put anything in the body of the e-mail except maybe your name (and maybe where you’re from).

Men's railroad vest from Woolrich.

Women's checked buffalo shirt from Woolrich.

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