A busy day at the pool

What did I do today? Nothing, really. One minute I was finishing up my coffee and thinking about maybe hanging out at the Hyatt’s big honkin’ pool and the next thing I knew it was late in the afternoon and everyone in the lounges on either side of me had left their wet towels and departed.

Maybe the most active thing I did was just walk in a long circuit around the pool. Which takes at least an hour if you do it right. Because first you have to play a few minutes of pool hoops with whoever has the ball and then slide under the volleyball net strung just inches over the water and bounce your way along the bottom of the pool beneath a bridge and around the corner to the waterfall where, if you’re smart, you’ll take a break and order a cocktail from one of the pool girls.

Then you bounce along a bit further to the island in the middle of the pool and climb out and go soak in the Jacuzzi for a few minutes, chatting it up with whoever else is in there, and when that gets to be a little too toasty you get back in the pool and circle your way around to the waterslide and try to decide if you’re going to climb out and stand in line with the kids waiting to bomb their way down to the bottom (probably not) or just sit on the far side of the pool away from the slide and watch the madness.

The first time you watch a young woman almost loses her top when she hits the water hard you realize that you might as well stick around to see if anything else exciting happens. And it does. So this takes up a fair amount of time.

By the time you get back to your chaise lounge you realize that it’s way past noon and you’re starving so you get some sashimi and a beer and because it’s hot and you’ve been doing all that exercise floating around the pool you order a second beer and then you fall asleep. And the sound of kids laughing and diving into the pool mixes with the conversations going on all around you so that you have some Hunter S. Thompson-esque dreams until you finally wake up, clammy and slightly sunburned, and realize that the afternoon is over. And maybe you should go back to your room and take a shower and freshen up. Or maybe take another nap. Probably another nap.

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  1. Angeline’s avatar

    Ok, I’ll bite. What else exciting happened at the slide? My mind is all over the place.

  2. david’s avatar

    Oh, just the usual loss of swim trunks and such.

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