Bodrum’s World of Wonders

The pool at the Bodrum WOW Resort. Photo by David Lansing.

I haven’t talked at all about where I’m staying in Bodrum. It’s called the WOW Resort. WOW stands for World of Wonders.

Is it a world of wonders? Perhaps. Certainly there are enough Brits and Germans here who think so. I think the “wow” part for them is that it’s an all-inclusive resort so they can drink and eat until they’re sick (which I’ve seen several do).

Positives: It’s a beautiful setting—right on the Bay of Gümbet. Large, beautiful pool with a café and bar housed in a faux windmill at one end. Nice beach just down the hill. Nice tennis courts. Simple but clean rooms with little balconies facing the water. And an open bar.

Negatives: Buffet food. And an open bar.

Here’s the thing about most all-inclusive resorts: In order to make any money, the management has to make everything pretty pedestrian. The wine is palatable—barely—and so is the food. It’s not bad. And some people here (in fact, I’d say most people) seem to enjoy it. Afterall, it’s all the meatballs you can eat. It’s just that the meatballs aren’t very good. And there is a wine list if you don’t want to go with the jug red or white, but let’s be honest—how many people are going to pay for a slightly better bottle of wine if they can get the rot-gut for free? Not many. I’ve considered it. Every evening and ask for the wine list and look over the desultory list and end up asking myself, “Do I really want to spend $40 for a so-so Spanish albarino when I can get a drinkable Turkish white for free?”

Evidently not.

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