Palm Springs: The Touch of the Oracle

Michael Petry artwork

Some of the 250 hand-blown glass eggs in Michael Petry's art installation in Palm Springs. Photos by David Lansing.

From our Palm Springs correspondent:

One other fabulous exhibit currently at the Palm Springs Art Museum: Michael Petry’s  “The Touch of the Oracle.” The concept behind this is a little difficult to explain but let me try. In a gallery with a blond hardwood floor, Petry has hung 100 gold mirrored droplet-shaped glass vessels that have something to do with the Greek myth of Danae, who was impregnated by the god Zeus in the form of a golden rain shower. So the 100 golden vessels are like sperm.

On the hardwood floor are 250 hand-blown glass “stones” or, really, eggs. In short, the golden sperm hanging from the ceiling is preparing to impregnate the multi-colored glass eggs. Okay, the story sounds a bit lame, I agree, but the exhibit is really quite stunning. Even if you ignore the whole “golden-rain-impregnating-hand-blown-glass-eggs” thing.

The Touch of the Oracle continues through July 29.

100 gold mirrored droplet-shaped glass vessels hang from the ceiling.

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  1. Jan Lansing’s avatar

    Actually, I’m not sure the golden globes (sperm) and the “eggs” on the floor are part of the same mythical story, but I like your version.

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