A true review of Bistrot O Delices

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new French restaurant in Bucerias called Bistrot O Delices. I didn’t have all that much to say about it except that I thought it was good and I was worried that it wouldn’t be around a year from now because that just seems to be the way things go down here. Then a couple of days ago I got a very nice e-mail from a young woman named Desiree Bilon (you’ve got to love the name) who wrote the following: “Dear David Lansing, I am writing to you to tell you that I enjoyed the piece you wrote about Bistrot O Delices, in Bucerias. I came across your blog while doing an internet search on Bistrot O Delices; I have also written a little something about the place with the hope of getting it published in some of the local publications. Forgive me for my boldness but I would like to share my article with you and would welcome any comments that you might have.  I have some experience writing, mostly about surfing and surf-related topics, but I am hoping to expand my repertoire to also include travel and food.  I would also like to offer you a couple of photos that I have taken of the Bistrot, if you would like to include them on your website with your article. Let me know if you are interested and I will send them to you.”

I was charmed. How could I not be? So here is Desiree’s review along with a couple of her photos.

The latest addition to Bucerias, offering modest dining all day long, is the quaint Bistrot O Delices located on Calle Galeana 14A. A bistro (or bistrot) is akin to a café; a small restaurant that serves moderately priced, simple meals in an informal setting. This amazing little gem, offering delices (delicacies) recently opened up on November 25th. The owners, Sandrine Millan and Jean Dubourg, are originally from the south of France where Jean trained as a chef.

As you enter, lured by the tantalizing smell that has already captured you from out front, the friendly French owners graciously welcome you. Dangling from the ceiling are colored paper lanterns, in shades of red and purple. Spanish salsa music fills the Bistrot, giving it a lounge-like feel. This place is cool, yet not overdone.

The locale, modern meets madera (wood), is chic and slightly romantic in its own way. Eight little rustic tables are nestled into a garden oasis, each set with wicker placemats and white cloth serviettes. A noble tree, rising up out of the terracotta floor, is the centerpiece around which the patio setting has been cast. White bougainvillea, large green ferns, and a dash of other foliage enhance the already relaxed atmosphere.

The menu offers a selection of light and exquisite food. If salty is what your taste buds are craving then try the Croque monsieur (an open-faced ham

Photos by Desiree Bilon.

and creamy emmental cheese sandwich), accompanied with a side salad drizzled in oil vinaigrette. Other options include a variety of omelets, quiche, and the recently added panini. If you desire something sweet, try the Pan de chocolate (a mouthwatering chocolate filled pastry). Also available are croissants, muffins, and baguettes served with homemade jam. Another option for the sweet tooth on a hot day is a glace (ice cream with fruit and topping). Each and every day there is a different plat du jour available if you choose to be daring.

Individually wrapped homemade jams (strawberry, apple/coffee, berry mix) are also available for purchase and make a delightful gift.

Open daily 9am-10pm. Located at Calle Galeana 14A, half a block up from Mark’s Bar and Grill; 322 158 0937; bistrotdelices@hotmail.com.

–Desiree Bilon

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    I tried the email address , but it couldn’t be delivered. I want to make reservation for dinner. If you have a different address would you please send it to me. Thanks

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