Greenland and then home

Aerial view of Greenland

Photo by David Lansing.

From Dublin to Heathrow (which was a mess, as usual), where instead of wondering if we’d make our flight we ended up with a four hour delay because the crew had trouble getting to the airport. Once we finally took off, I fell asleep almost immediately. Woke to a dark, silent cabin. Got up to stretch a bit and went back to the galley. And looked out the little portal.


Like something out of a dream. Absolutely amazing.

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  1. Fred Harwood’s avatar

    The glacier in your photo looks a lot like this one:
    Lat: 66.7506
    Long: -34.3067

  2. Barbara Stoner’s avatar

    I think I’ve got that same photo in my archives. Greenland from 35,000 feet is wonderful.

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