More of Greenland

I really thought my little photo of Greenland as seen from my British Airways flight was pretty spectacular–until I got the following note and stunning photos from one of my readers, Fred Harwood:

“Yes, Greenland at sunset impresses. We opened our shade and when I grabbed the camera the couple behind us wondered what was up and looked out as well. They also found it impressive.”

Photo by Fred Harwood.


Photo by Fred Harwood.


Photo by Fred Harwood.

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  1. Allan’s avatar

    Nice photos, but looks sorta like my backyard in January, February, March.

  2. David’s avatar

    …and probably April, May, and June as well.

  3. Fred Harwood’s avatar

    Thanks for posting the photos, David. As for the months, it was October, the end of northern hemisphere melt. Not much changes in Greenland’s uplands as the seasons go by. The coast, especially the SW coast, once was farmed, but the graves of those Viking entrepreneurs lie below permafrost, still.

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