High tea at Hayfield Manor, Cork

Hayfield Manor in Cork, Ireland.

Lisa, who works at Hayfield Manor in Cork, has invited us to tea. Not like a cup of tea or something but the full on high tea with a three-tiered silver serving dish full of little triangle sandwiches and smoked salmon on rye bread and an assortment of little tarts and cakes and such. Oh, and some tea…after the champagne.

Lisa has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes and is gorgeous but that’s not why I love her. I love her because when we first met at Ballymaloe and I asked her where in Cork I should go to get the famous Cork clove rock candy that I’m addicted to she went and found some and gave me four jars of the stuff. That alone is enough to make me be in her debt forever.

So she invites us all to tea at Hayfield and tells us she has a little treat for us. I’m secretly hoping it’s more clove rock candy but instead she’s had a couple of manicurists come down from the spa and tells us that if anyone wants to get a manicure when they’re done with their tea, they’re more than welcome.

Wow. Smoked salmon, champagne, tea, and a manicure. This is why I love Lisa. And want to do something for her but I can’t think of what. Until she starts talking about her daughter, Belle, who is crazy about all things related to Disney’s Toy Story. “She’s got just about all of the dolls,” Lisa says. “Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie. About the only one we haven’t been able to find is that silly horse, Bullseye.”

So that’s it. When I get home I must see if I can find a Bullseye doll. And then ship it off to Belle in Cork. Clove candy for a Bullseye. A good trade, I think.

High tea at Hayfield Manor in Cork. Photo by David Lansing.

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  1. Allan’s avatar

    Nice to see that you let some people actually come inside and not make them wait in the car park.

  2. Lisa’s avatar

    It is all to rare, with life so busy these days, that somebody does something totally unnecessary but utterly kind and thoughtful. I did wonder why you were so interested in Toy Storey! David, Belle received her much coveted Bullseye doll with the total joy that only a 2 year old can exhibit and as for her momma, you are my hero (after weeks of searching for Bullseye). Belle has enjoyed hours of play with him already and it is so lovely to see her imagination run wild along with him…leaving me time to clean the kitchen- hurrah! Such a lovely jesture – you are guaranteed a lifetime supply of Clove Rock …if you can cope! Hoping to see you back in Cork and at Hayfield Manor again soon. I am forever indepted….To Infinity and Beyond!!!

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