It wouldn’t be the beach oysters, would it?

Oysters being sold on the beach. Photo by David Lansing.

Beautiful morning out. Gorgeous. Blue skies, sunny, warm. Maybe I’ll go for a walk along the beach. Or for a swim. A little exercise would do me good.

Except…except…well, I’m suddenly feeling a little queasy. Nothing major. Just an unsettled stomach. Skip the coffee this morning. Maybe have something healthy like a fruit smoothie. With yogurt. Settle things down.

Cool. Refreshing. Big glass. Orange juice, frozen strawberries, some of those little Mexican bananas, and peach yogurt. That’s lovely, isn’t it?

Except…except…now I think I’m going to ralph. Maybe just crawl back in bed and snooze until it passes. Nothing major, I’m sure. It’s not at all like that time in Bordeaux when I had very rare pigeon and my body proceeded to do an unauthorized cleanse, top to bottom, for two days. God, that was dreadful. Probably shouldn’t think about that. Not right now. Because, ohchrist….

There, that’s better. Get it out of the system. Whatever it is. Some of the strawberries were still frozen. Odd, that. You don’t suppose it’s those beach oysters I had, do you? Couldn’t be. That was, what, a week ago? Do nasty things in oysters stay in your body only to make a nasty appearance a week later? Shouldn’t think so. Still. What else could it be? What did I have for dinner last night? Oh, yes, the stuffed chile poblano at Aduato’s. With a salad. Could have been the salad. Or the chile. Or whatever was stuffed in to the chile. Shrimp, was it? Not oysters, certainly. Anyway, just get back into bed, take a little nap, and when I wake up in an hour or so, I’m sure it will all have passed.


Well, that was nasty. Always worse the second time around. Odd the body can even contort itself like that. Need to get back in there and clean up the floor a bit. Attract flies otherwise. After I get my strength back. Climb in to bed. Turn on the overhead fan. Close my eyes. And try not to think of beach oysters.


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  1. Ryan’s avatar

    no it wouldnt be the oysters….
    someone like you should know better than to eat lettuce in a restaurant in Mexico… it wont do it every time, but it has by far the highest risk of doing it compared to other food you might eat in Jalisco.

    As you know, if you want to eat salad at home in Mexico, you must soak it in the solution available at gigante, or wherever you shop… a rushed restaurant employee, no matter how nice the restaurant can easily be expected to forget that step

    gringos always want to blame silly things like the ice, or seafood, or something in mexico, when undoubtably its either the airline food on the way down, or salad

  2. David’s avatar

    I think Ryan is probably right. I always forget about the salad at restaurants.

  3. Angeline’s avatar

    Wonderful way to lose a few pounds. Bet you won’t be forgetting to skip the salad again for awhile! Hope everything works out ok.

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