Tarot cards at the Center for the New Age

Spanish tarot cards

Spanish tarot cards. Photo by David Lansing.

The vortex tour with John, the former Dairy Queen proprietor from Minnesota, ended up back at the Center for the New Age so I figured I might as well have a look around. This place is the Wal-Mart of New Age paraphernalia. If you wanted it, you could get sage bundles and sage wands, herbal incense, mystic minerals and healing stones like black coral (“Absorbs Negativity!”), or a copper table-top pyramid to be worn on your head when you weren’t near a vortex.

There were lingam stones from the Ganges River in India, energy candles, animal essences in little brown bottles (eagle, bear, dragon fly, wolf, wild horse, spider—how do you suppose you bottle the essence of a wolf?), crystal balls, Celtic pendants, amber pyramids, nebula stones, satin spar selenite, Tibetan singing bowls (“Invoke a Hypnotic State!”), and a whole room full of nothing but crystals.

There were Good Karma yo-yo’s and harmonic planet CD’s and aura photos. They also had a bookcase that was nothing but tarot cards—sacred path cards, medicine woman cards, mana cards (Hawaiian tarot), Irish fairy cards, African tarot, and authentic Egyptian tarot cards.

I ended up buying a Spanish tarot deck with El Loco (the Food), El Colgado (The Hanged Man), Los Enamorados (The Lovers), and the like. Now I just need to find someone to read them.

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  1. Barbara Stoner’s avatar

    Glad you went for the Tarot cards. I love them because they tell stories. I’m using a set of Steampunk Tarot cards now to help reimagine fairy tales from the Pink Fairy Book. Read a tale, overlay it with a Celtic Cross, use a three-card-spread to delineate characters or setting, and see what all the combinations bring to mind. Lots of fun.

  2. Allan’s avatar

    Curiously, as I ate breakfast and read my morning newspaper today a friend in England called. Our conversation wandered and he told me that when he was born a gypsy (yes, I know …) came to their door. The gypsy woman looked at my friend’s mother and said, “You’ve just had a baby.” She said yes and the gypsy woman said, “He is blessed. He will be protected.”

    Now you’ve taken to Tarot cards. It’s about time for the Jehovah Witnesses to ring the bell…

  3. Robert’s avatar

    When did this story occur ?

  4. Gigi’s avatar

    I love that Tarot deck too! I took Spanish years ago and when I use this deck it helps me to brush up on my Spanish..lol! I work at the Center For New Age, Sedona AZ, so thankyou for stopping by.

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