Chelsea rubs it out

The spa pool at the Fairmont Banff Springs. Where the water cascades into small pools are the natural hot springs for soaking.

Yesterday afternoon we had several activities we could choose from. There was rock climbing, horseback riding, or a massage at the spa. Knowing that the others would most certainly want to go rock climbing or horseback riding, and that there was a limit on the number of people allowed for each activity, I was a martyr and quickly signed up for the massage.

Nice damn spa. I showed up about an hour early and hung out in the sauna room for about ten minutes before being chased out by two guys replaying each and every shot from their golf game this morning. Boring.

Then I wandered down to the indoor pool where they have a natural hot spring (the hot springs in the area were one of the main reasons Banff was established in the first place over a hundred years ago). Any warm pool is good but there’s nothing like a natural hot spring. Must be the minerals and such in the water that is so soothing.

Anyway, I eventually made it back up to the spa just in time for Chelsea to give me a 90 minute aromatherapy massage. Cute girl, Chelsea. Very strong hands.

She gave me three little brown bottles of oil to sniff and I chose something with lots of lavender in it that she said was the Soothing blend. Perfect. I felt in need of being soothed.

It’s boring telling people about your massage, so I won’t. It’s like telling people about a dream at the breakfast table. Let’s just say that Chelsea did a fine job and I felt as slick and relaxed as a seal sunning on rocks. Afterwards, I walked back to my room, reeking of lavender, still wearing my white bathrobe. In the lobby I passed by Erika and Rico, hobbling from their rock climbing class. I smiled, feeling quite happy, but they barely acknowledged me. You’d think I’d get more thanks than that for graciously giving them the opportunity to scramble up the frozen sides of cliffs all afternoon.

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