Satanic rituals at the Masonic Lodge

What's left of the old Masonic Lodge in Levuka. Photo by David Lansing.

What’s left of the old Masonic Lodge in Levuka. Photo by David Lansing.

I mentioned the other day an odd comment my ersatz tour guide, Meli, made in regards to things burning up in Levuka. So yesterday when I ran into him cutting down bananas with a machete in the garden, I asked him about it. He stopped work and dabbed at his forehead with a greasy bandana and said, “Come. I show you.”

We walked up the road along the large park behind the hotel where young boys are always playing soccer to the edge of the field where a small, Greek-like building stood. Or what was left of it.

“That the ol’ Masonic Lodge,” Mali said, standing before it with his hands on his hips. And then he told me this story:

In 1875, a sailing captain named Alexander Barrack established Freemasons in Levuka and, 38 years later, built the Masonic Lodge in a classic Greek style. But not everyone in Levuka was crazy about the Freemasons. Many of the local Fijians thought there was just something a bit odd about these guys (and to think this was almost a hundred years before Dan Brown and his angels and demons).

In fact, the word in town was that Freemasons were satanic and held strange rituals inside the Lodge (which would be true if you considered drinking copious amounts of gin with a bunch of other men while playing croquet to be a strange ritual). There were even stories that secret tunnels ran beneath the Masonic Lodge to the Royal Hotel or to Nasova House, near the Cession Monument, south of town.

“Some say the tunnels go all the way to Scotland,” Meli told me.

So even in Fiji there are conspiracy theorists. But how did the Lodge burn down? I asked Meli.

“I’m coming to that,” he said.

Up in the mountains above Levuka are the original inhabitants of Ovalau. They live in a little village called Lovoni and they have always been known as mean, protective, superstitious people. In fact, for years, members of the fierce Lovoni tribe would sneak into town every few years and try to burn it down, which became a bit annoying to the Europeans. They did this right up until 1871 when they were tricked into a truce and then rounded up and sold to European plantation owners as laborers (i.e, slaves). In 1875—the same year these devilish European white guys started the Masonic Lodge—the survivors of Lovoni were allowed by the British government to return to their valley but told to behave themselves. Needless to say, they weren’t too keen on white guys at that time. And still aren’t.

Anyway, in 2000 there was a coup in Fiji (they seem to have one every few years, whether they need one or not) and the villagers of Lovoni, still a little pissed off from what had happened to them in 1871, marched into town with torches and machetes yelling, “Out with the devil!” and burned down the Masonic Lodge. Needless to say, they found no signs of satanic rites inside the building. Nor did they find any trace of the tunnels said to run under town. Just, you know, some Masonic symbols representing equality and mortality as well as some charred croquet mallets.

Which doesn’t mean local Fijians still don’t think there’s something not quite right about the whole Freemasons business (and I’m sure they’re right). Just yesterday I came across an article in the Loyal Fijian, an independent news service “by Fijians for Fijians,” that reported that “Freemasonry extends its tentacles through all levels of society and freemasons have managed to infiltrate into the highest levels of commerce, public service, and politics.

“In Levuka, where the Freemasons had their headquarters (until the lodge was burned down by 300 hysterical crazy people, the article forgot to mention), the mysterious death of Mr. Erasito has never been explained or the perpetrators brought to justice. Erasito was found completely naked behind Levuka Public School with puncture wounds to his body, after a gathering of prominent Freemasons from across Fiji and overseas.

“The Police files have also disappeared as this correspondent found out when he traveled to Levuka to attempt to unravel the mystery.

“After the 2000 coups, residents of Levuka burnt down the Masonic Lodge as villagers believed human sacrifices had taken place there.

“It should be noted the freemasonry has been banned from public life in Britain where it started as numerous cases of corruption and nepotism piled up against members who were looking after their own.”

I wonder if Dan Brown knows about this Mr. Erasito in Levuka who ended up naked and dead with lots of little puncture wounds after a gathering of Freemasons? Sounds like a good book, don’t you think?

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  1. Bill A.’s avatar

    Freemasonry was not banned from Britain or public life. Any corruption probes that were launched proved that corruption in the British legal an political system had nothing to do with Freemasonry on way or the other.
    The act that was passed required anyone in the judiciary to register if that belong to any organization, they need to publicly state it. Freemasons happily complied with the statute for 60+ years. That requirement has been repealed as discriminatory, as well it should have been.
    I am sure Mr. Erasito is in no was connected to Freemasons, as Freemasons are honest, law abiding people who treat all people with respect and equality. Freemasons do not kill, people, animals or anything else for that matter, except maybe a good bottle of scotch now and again.
    Freemasons are required to have a belief in God in order to join in the first place so Satanic rituals are nothing but unfounded lies and rumors that only the ignorant or weak minded would believe.

  2. Sonia’s avatar

    Ok sounds like the people of Lavuka have let their imaginations run wild. Just shows how ignorance can bring on a whole new life to something that may have not happened at all. As far the people in the mountains, they just want to live in the past and not move forward. They are made at civilization moving and they dont want to.

    Are you safe to visit there? LOL… Hmmm watch over your shoulder , sleep with one eye open?

    A tunnel to Scotland..LMFAO…Im half scottish, not possible, and too far….LOL….maybe the wee faerie folk dug the tunnel with the fin folk and treasure is in their. Soooooooo funny…

    I like the picture though of the building really awesome. May I borrow for a sketch?

    Smiles David…remember one eye open

  3. david’s avatar

    Levuka is quite safe. Probably safer than just about any little city in the U.S. It’s just that the people who live up in the hills are still pissed off about the island being taken away from them 135 years ago. So they’re a little cantankerous.

    Feel free to use the photo any way you want, Sonia.

  4. gideon’s avatar

    wats this talk I here about new members wanting to join having to go through a series of “tests”.Such as getting it on with all the members of the masonary group?Just a question that i need somone to answer.

  5. gideon’s avatar

    just a little something more, i once heard a story about the masonic lodge in levuka, there was this methodist preist, who was posted to levuka and who claimed to have gotten one Mr Goerge Gibson who was one of the members of the masonic lodge in levuka to become a chritian. Anyway this happened a few years ago but then the priest claimed to have been fighting with evil white spirits every night.Until his ‘accidental’ death in a road mishap.And it has been sid that every principal who had been posted to nearby Levuka Public School,has died of mysterious circumstances.Talk about coincidence. Can anyone tell me if this is true.This is just sumthing i heard. Plis can someone who knows about this get back to me

  6. Sonia’s avatar

    Well Gideon that is quite a mystery and very creepy also. I hope you find the truth.

  7. Jeanine’s avatar

    Alexander Barrack was my great great grandfather and seems to have been very busy. He lived in Savusavu and was a ship’s captain. He was also one of the first members of parliament in Fiji.
    Love the picture, so hope you don’t mind me using it Sonia.

  8. yeah right’s avatar

    Bill A, don’t know who you’re kidding my friend. Google Jim Shaw – ex 33rd degree master of the Freesmasonry who then defected. He has a book out which says everything otherwise re: the good deeds you claim the Masons do!! And the fact that they pray over the Koran!! To Allah!

  9. Di’s avatar

    *waves* Hello! Another descendant of Alexander Barrack here. Sorry about the whole blackbirding and slavery thing *hangs head in shame*.

  10. Vuki’s avatar

    Hey leave the people of Lovoni alone. They are a great people who are proud of their country. Of course their land were taken away by the settlers as history has well recorded. So what do you expect. But history has done them disservice in making them out to be the villains. So did they burn the masonic lodge – may be a few of them but many others who live in Levuka would have parttaken in the act. Present members of the Lovoni community have done well for themselves and have a thriving trade and many of their sons and daughters have achieved high education from local and international universities. Recently one of them returned form NZ with a PhD and is a lecturer at the National University of Fiji.

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  14. finau’s avatar

    Well that’s what happens when foreigners come into our country and try and trick us into their cunningness and beliefs and steal our people and lands!! What would you do??
    The british have done for hundreds of years, taking things in the name of God and Queen and country when it was never theirs in the first place to take!
    I love my country, my proud race of people and my homeland!
    God Bless Fiji

  15. tomas’s avatar

    i take my hat off to the Lovoni people,at least they went against the colonial rulers

  16. Sybil’s avatar

    Very interesting read!

  17. percy rauto’s avatar

    I read a a book ,sorry forgot the name,about this secret society,and one thing I had notice is that use a lot a symbol,so that they identify each other,and most are charity org and health were their plans are amplified, Thru these org,they are a great help to the country,where to the point people rely on them,and thru helpin them they promote it to the nation,thru television and co sponsor{telecommunication}people thank them and praise them,but the catch is the praising and thanking goes to them and not the big man upstairs,so aren’t they trying to plan god. instead of thanking god we thank them, what a brilliant plan,
    Playing god thru charity,no one will question or even go against them •

  18. Greg’s avatar

    Many of the comments about freemasonry that I read above make me laugh at the ignorance of people about what freemasonry is all about.

    I am a Freemason, as well as a member of the Knights Templar, Council, Royal Arch Chapter, and Scottish Rite. To be a Freemason you must believe in a “higher being”. We have Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other religious groups in our Fraternity, but there are no atheists! The ONLY stipulation to religion that is a must is to being a Knights Templar and to be one of those you must believe in Jesus Christ.

    Freemasonry is a fraternity that gives their time, talent and money to charitable organizations and the local community in particular. There are many nonfactual stories on the Internet that demonize Freemasons and also many shows on TV that when I see them, just have to laugh, as what they portray as Masonry is not even close. Even the shows that claim to know the “secrets” are not even correct. Yes, we have ‘secret’ symbols and greetings, but most of those are already on the Internet, so how “SECRET” is that? There is nothing secret about Masonry, it is a fabulous fraternity that made good men, BETTER and help for the needy and less fortunate.

  19. Jeanine’s avatar

    Descendant of Alexander hanging her head in shame, Would you like to get in touch?

  20. Steeveni’s avatar

    Greg, you have spoken like a True Knight Templar. I’m not a Freemason but have worked with some who were. They don’t care what race or religion you follow but they do have repect for everyone and for one to say grace with the name of Chirst at the end……..well you tell me. I’ve learned many things from them but what I love the most is this………….Man has to re-discover himself as a man…….who he is (from God)and not what he is (just Titles).
    Much have been said, but what counts……is this one Life and to really LIVE it.
    God Bless and Stay Safe.

  21. Lee-ann’s avatar

    What is it with people? If they do not know exactly what is going on then it has to be bad, or wrong, my husband is a mason and in many other orders…..thier charity work is wonderful, thier loves are filled with good and they do not have “things that go bump in the night!” I know! I am proud he is a mason and infact if many more were then the world would be a better place……by the way his father was a mason and his grandfather, and before anyone says else says “out with the devil” we are very strong in our church I am infact high church of england and he is Jewish………and freemasonry fits well with it all.

  22. Jo’s avatar

    Interesting. I’m a Christian who believes in all that Jesus did and not swayed into what different churches teach and do. I hear from God and see in the spirit as well and do operate in the gift of discernment. When I “pray” for people I pretty much ask God to tell me or show me what the person needs and get a download of information for the person. Anyway, I have been in deliverance ministry, casting out demons, healing emotional and physical wounds for the past 3 years. I have prayed for many, many people who were freemasons or had ancestors who were freemasons and have cast out many demons from these people that cause sickness, limitations in life, accidents etc. The funny thing is, I noticed the demons do not leave until the person breaks the covenant it made in freemasonry (agreement with Satan). Agreements made with Satan and his demons knowingly and unknowingly opens doors for the demonic to work in peoples lives. I did not read this in a book, I experienced it many times and people are actually set free from sickness, limitations in life and even feel “lighter” and happier. There are many things that have the name God on it but which God are you really serving? I just thought I’d share this :) Not to take sides or convert people but this is just something to share.

  23. A widows son.’s avatar

    In this story who is doing the evil deed. Sounds like the people destroying and burning down to me. Most of the time things are just as they appear. Sounds like the enhabittans where the evil ones possessed by ignorance and Unenlightened. If freemasonry were so bad why would great people join and stay. How would freemasonry retain so many creditable world renouned figures threw out the centries. Even the church has its bad eggs does that mean the church should be removed because of a few bad members? If you don’t want to be ignorant then take the walk for yourself and judge for your self, or you can continue to listen to those that don’t know.
    Be well. Faith, hope and charity, but the most important of these is charity!

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